Sturlureykir-Visiting Horse Farm

Come and visit or try some of our nice horses

Sturlureykir is a farm in the Reykholt Valley in the Borgarfjordur District. Today we own around 50 horses and 3-5 foals are born every year. At Sturlureykir we have our own hot spring. Erlendur Gunnarsson (1853-1919) was the first farmer in the area to use one of the hot springs close to his farm for house and farm heating, a hot pool and other purposes. Today the farm is run by Hrafnhildur Guðmundsdóttir and Jóhannes Kristleifsson, both trainers from Hólar University. We are breeding perfect riding horses including first class competition horses. You are welcome to visit our farm, have a rest, take a coffee or ride one of our horses. You will enjoy it.


Do You want to visit us?

We are open every day for visitors. If you are interested to take a ride, please call or send an E-Mail: We are also offering nice horses for sale. 00354 6910280


Hrafnhildur Guðmundsdóttir Jóhannes Kristleifsson Sturlureykir 320 Reykholt, Western Iceland 00354 6910280
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